Monday, September 14, 2015

Get ready for the storm... Man-Storm.

There's a storm a coming... A Man-Storm.

Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might. A new interactive adventure game in a magical fantasy world that parodies everything you loved about 80's action hero cartoons (but with a lot of sex and nudity this time).

Large HD pictures, SFX and we finally fixed that damn kerning problem with the text \(^__^)/

Pictures attached to give you a preview, please be aware some graphics are still in rough format.

More information and demo coming soon in a few weeks.

Get ready for the storm... The Man-Storm.


  1. Interesting. ;) And I was just thinking to myself today ... I haven't heard from these guys... in a long time... now I get a post. lol. Can't wait to see more.

    1. The power of positive thinking :3

      Yes, it has been a while, but we finally found the right project to work on with a good team, so we're up to our old game making shenanigans again.

    2. Cool :) Looks like it's complicated given the 3D Models. But it looks like a fun VN-esque game :)

    3. In the third screenshot, is that supposed to be a version of... Lion-O? lol. I'm only asking cuz his outfit is similar lol.

    4. @Gryphbear

      That is not Lion-O. That is actually a satyr. You'll find out more soon :3

      And yes, we are going for 3D with some 2D art assists this time.

    5. True. He does have brown hair, whereas Lion-O's more of a fire-red haired one. :)

    6. Haha. I'm afraid I didn't look that FAR down lol. but that's cool. Looking forward to more progress posts :)