Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New game. New Interface.

Hey guys \(^_^)/

Gachi Muchi Kun here with another quick sneak peak.

With Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might we have a whole new interface that is true point n' click.

The icons along the right side of the screen is for interacting with the world in different ways.

Click on the icon for the action you want:
 And then find something on the screen you can interact with:
And click to interact:
We know this isn't groundbreaking stuff, but we're happy to have finally overhauled the interface to make it true point n' click like regular adventure games.

Stay as we have more sneak peaks about the changes as we prep for our demo launch. We're aiming for the weekend of  September 23rd or October 6th. Demo itself is done and coded, we're just waiting to see if we can get more finished art assets in and see if we can add some more easter eggs too.


  1. Cool :) So, it's the same program you used for making the MLM games?

    1. Same program, but a newer release. It's a lot more feature packed than the last version we used when making MLM. Plus it fixes the t e x t p r o b l e m from bere :3

    2. Also, have those features included the capability to have the program's commands in English ?

    3. @Gryphbear
      I'm not sure what you mean by the "program's commands in English"

      The game engine is still Japanese based and our programmers are coding in that environment. But the game environment is 100% English except a bit or two that's hardcoded in Japanese, but it's non essential to the game.

    4. Ah, I see. So the menu commands when you load and shut the game off and stuff will still be displayed in Japanese?

  2. @Gryphbear
    From the last build that I saw, the only thing in Japanese was the Exit/Full screen bar at the top of the window and when you save/load there's a "click to confirm" button that pops up. The popup when you exit the game now is gone, they built up a new system menu screen that handles options, save, load and exit game.