Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will there be an Orc? Yes, there'll be an Orc!

And not just any orc... A Cybork!

Cybork, battling orc warrior with super strong arms of steel (and maybe other parts too). Fighting bravely alongside Man-Storm and the other Manhood of Might members. Brutevil and his Massive Manfiends will have nowhere to hide when they face the long arms of Cybork's law. Cybork, brought to you by your good friends at the Wowzo! toy company.

Some assembly required, figure shown with optional accessories. Other action figures and accessories shown not included. Each figure sold separately. Warning: Certain parts of Cybork may count as a choking hazard for people over 18 who are inexperienced.


  1. I can't wait to invest into the action figures. (smirk)

    1. @Gryphbear
      If only we could afford to make action figures for this

    2. haha, yeah. The screenshot above looks like it could be a photograph of an actual action figure. lol

    3. Thanks! We're trying to give them all a bit of an action figure quality to how they look. Partially to avoid the uncanny valley and also because it's a game based off of 80's cartoons and action figure :3