Saturday, June 24, 2017

Manzurna Peaks!

Hi everyone, Gachi Muchi Kun here.

Introducing another sneak peak and the title of our next game currently in development, Manzurna Peaks.

As you can see from the screen above there will be many new places to explore in this town. But for the time being we are withholding the names of the places as to not spoil too much.

There's also another hint in there (^w^)

We'll be updating more as we get closer to our demo launch in the comings weeks.

- Gachi Muchi Kun


  1. Just finished the game. I had a lot of fun. I found the events to be well organized and being able to move freely in the minimap was actually really entertaining.

    The writing was much better than Man-Storm even through i'm not really into flamboyant over the top characters which seems to be a constant in the writing style, i did appreciate the fact that each character had nuances and a personnality spectrum.

    I'm really hype for an episode 2 !
    Keep the good work : ).

  2. Thank you! We're very glad you enjoy it. Kellan is a bit over the top, that's for sure, but we love him all the same =)

    We hope to start work on Episode 2 in August if Episode 1 sells decently this month.