Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some gaming loving cooking in our oven.

Greetings everyone,

First off apologies for not updating this thing in  quite some time. We wanted to wait until we had some actual positive news to post.

First off, (if you haven't guessed) we had to kill the  Man-Storm game, and for a couple of reasons.

First off, you guys in general didn't seem to dig it as much, especially the main character. It's cool, we get it. Not every idea is going to be a winner.

Secondly, the technology updates that we got with the new game engine did not work well with most people's computer. There was a new image map technology and while it was really cool and we on our end had no issues, when it got released out to larger world in general there were a ton of issues with people not getting the image overlay to work, especially with Windows 10. And quite a few we couldn't track down the source of the bug. Also, we were way too optimistic about screen resolutions that people could support and more than a few people had issues running the game on their setup.

Jesus, what's the good news, right?

Well, the good news is over the past two years we have been working on different game ideas. We had quite a few prototype demos that went nowhere or were "okay", but lacking that certain something. However, earlier this spring we started on a new game that has that certain "something" we really like. While we know it may not be everyone's taste, we do feel proud of it. Demo is basically done, we're just taking the time to fine tune and puff it up. We plan on dropping the demo on the 4th of July. Game should be finished in late fall or early winter.

What's it about? Well, let's just say we're going back to the country... To a new small town... With its own unique characters and stories... And flavor... We leave you this as first teaser of things to come.


  1. I commented on a different entry about making a video about your game but it feels more appropriate to share it on this entry because of the content of the video since it's about Man-Storm and what I liked about it. It'll go live here:

    I plan to cover episode 1 of Manzurna Peaks once I play it but I felt like giving Man-Storm some criticism and some love.

    I'm looking forward to Manzurna Peaks!

  2. I had to change something about the video and had to reupload it, the new link is here:

    I also wanted to ask, if the engine you've been using has been giving you compatibility issues, why not switch over to Unity or Ren'Py?

    1. Thanks for sharing your video.

      We're content with this dev environment. We've managed to rerig everything from Japanese to English. Renpy is pretty much an open book that's way too easy to crack, and Unity is way more than we need.