Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Go Ape!

It's done! Our demo for Manzurna Peaks is ready to go!

You can download it here from Mediafire by clicking HERE 
(Demo updated to 1.3 - Updated 7/13)

Sorry we've been so tight lipped about this one, but we really want to let everyone walk into this one cold instead of weeks of promos. 

This game runs on Windows. It runs at a resolution of 1050 x 700. We've taken great pains to remove almost all Japanese from the interface including making custom option menus. You will as always need to turn on Japanese Language for non Unicode programs. It's found under Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Administrative

We plan on dropping the full episode 1 of Manzurna Peaks this coming Saturday the 8th. We're switching to episodic format moving forward. 

Each episode will sell for $10 USD.

We're releasing this demo to give you a taste of the game (you'll be able to play through day 1, day 2 is much longer and more interactive along with the 'good stuff' and is in the full game), but to also give everyone something they can try to ensure their system can run the game.

Thanks everyone for your patience and putting up with us while we've been retooling stuff. We've put a lot of work into this game, and we hope you all really enjoy it.

An important point if you're new to our games: You need to have Language for Non-Unicode Text set to "Japan". This is easy to change in Windows. You will need to go to control panel. In Win7 just go to control panel, in Win8 or Win10 hit "Windows key + X" and then choose "Control Panel"

  • Windows 7 it's under Region and Language Settings -> Administrative
  • Windows 8 and 10 it's under Regions -> Administrative
If you're finding the game locks up when a text menu comes up or when you try to load the intro, this is the reason why. Changing this setting will allow Windows to know what to do if it encounters non-ASCII text =)


- Team Gachi Muchi Kun


  1. Are u guys still selling the Meat Log Mountain game? I tried sending that e-mail with the filled out template you posted but got no answer. Is the game still available?

    1. We still sell it. If we didn't respond it's probably because you got caught in our spam filter, it's pretty aggressive.

  2. I'm looking forward to another Team Gachi Muchi Kun game! I hope you don't mind reviews, I'd like to talk about chat about one my YouTube channel (heavily censored of course) since I love giving adult games attention they probably wouldn't get.

    1. That's cool. We always like to hear feedback on our games.

  3. how many days are in each episode, two?

    1. 2-3 days. It's less about the days count in each episode, but telling a complete story. But we're trying to pace the stories more accurately, instead of everything seemingly occuring in the space of 2 hours.

      Episode 1 deals with what Kellan gets Antonio into in order to make money. Episode 2 deals with the fall out of it. Episode 3 deals more with Antonio new found fame.

      But if you played the demo, we sort of hinted at the longer story arc that runs through these episodes. Not that we're saying more about that =)

  4. i played the demo before i commented and loved it, definitely want more for sure.

    btw what happened to that manstorm game? i played the demo of that so many times.....is the full game of that out too or did development stop

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed the demo, we hope you purchase the game when it comes out =3

      We ended up cancelling Man-Storm. There were too many issues with it, from the screen size being too large for a lot of our users and the image map system we used ended up having issues with Windows 10.

      There was no way we could salvage what we had, so we would have to have redone everything from scratch including the 3D renders we had already made. Combine that with negative feedback we got about the main character, so we decide to put the keebash on it and start on something new.

    2. definitely getting the 1st episode no doubts about that, patiently waiting for it to drop any minute now .___."

      aww damn shame manstorm development ended, i really enjoyed it =/

    3. Thank you kindly, we appreciate the support ^_^

      Yeah, we liked a lot about Man-Storm, but there was no way to salvage it. But we never throw away a good idea, and you never know when you may see him pop back up... Perhaps in Manzurna Peaks.