Thursday, July 6, 2017

It's coming soon!

Hello, Gachi Muchi Kun again!

We're winding down the days until our release (We're still aiming for Saturday the 8th). Just a little teaser from some of the more "saucier" scenes from day 2 in episode 1 of Manzurna Peaks!

These apes really know how to play dirty (^w^)

Stay tuned to our blog and our tumblr account as we finish up the final touches on our new game, Manzurna Peaks.

Our free demo for Manzurna Peaks can be downloaded from HERE.

Thank you, as always, for your support \(^o^)/

- Gachi Muchi Kun


  1. Please oh please oh please let there be foot stuff

    1. I would say there's a safe bet there is some foot stuff in there, considering how popular a fetish it is (^w^)

    2. the man behind the renders (snarl the werewolf) definitely likes feet.