Saturday, July 8, 2017

Manzurna Peaks will be available on Sunday the 9th at 3PM EST. Pre-orders opening today.

Hey everyone \(^o^)/ 

We're excited to start wrapping up Episode 1 of Manzurna Peaks! Even Mr. Cooper is happy!

We're slowly wrapping up over here and starting up final beta testing. Snarl is trying to add in as much extra renders as he can before we start shipping. Manzurna Peaks will be available on Sunday, July 9th, around 3PM EST. Obviously, if we encounter any last minute issues it may get push back a few hours, but we're baking in 48 hours of final beta testing  (^^;) 

For those of you who are interested in jumping to the front of line for when we start shipping, we are offering pre-orders starting today. Game is $10 USD.

Free demo can be downloaded from HERE!

If you'd like to pre-order Manzurna Peaks you can do so by filling out the following form and age statement and sending it to our e-mail address gachimuchichan [@t]

Please be advised you can only order for yourself, we do not allow buying for other people. 
Also, name on the order must match name on the Paypal. 

Also, please make sure you download and try the demo before ordering to ensure the game will work on your computer. We cannot offer a refund on games after we send them out. And are games are for adults only! No exceptions!

Our order form is as follows:

1.) Which game you would like to purchase:

2.) Your full legal name:

3.) Your paypal e-mail addres:

4.) FA/Tumblr/Twitter name (in case we can't reach you via email):

5.) Please copy and paste the following filled out the age statement:

"I, (type full legal name here), certify that I am over 18 years of

age or of legal age in my community; and it's legal for me view this
material in my community or jurisdiction. I agree that I wish to
view this game and material, and this material is for my own private enjoyment, and will not be shown or displayed to minors. Furthermore, I agree not to hold the
creators of this game or its associate legally liable for any problems that may arise with
use of this game."


Thank you all for your patience while we finish up our first full game in many years. We hope you'll enjoy it and all the hard work the entire team has put into it m(-_-)m

- Gachi Muchi Kun


  1. Done and Done! Totally pre-ordered. Gotta support the primate love!

    1. We greatly appreciate it, and salute you kind sir or madam (^^)\

  2. Oh! I had a question actually. If you can answer this, if not, that's okay. Will there be similar mechanics to MLM for interactions with characters sexually?

    1. Yes/No... There is quite a bit of sexual content at the end of day 2, but it's not the exact same mechanics as MLM. It's more tied to the story, but it is interactive. Sorry, kinda hard to explain without spoiling stuff =/

    2. That is quite alright! You've answered quite enough :3

  3. Is it possible to tell us in how far the episodes will change?
    What i mean by that is, if episode 1 and 3 will differ in amounts sexual content lenght, price...

    1. It's a bit hard to say this far out. Episode 1 is in the can. Episode 2-3, the A plot is written for each episode, and the B plot expanded some more.

      We plan on charging $10 an episode. Each episode will contain one complete A plot, and build the B plot a bit more. Each episode will last roughly to 2 to 3 days in "game time".

      I wouldn't think of this in terms of Meat Log Mountain. There isn't any dating or "go this route to make X top or goes this route to make X bottom"

      The sex is more built into the flow of the story and the game itself. It's really hard to explain it w/o giving the plot for episode 1 away.

      That being said, we have to be realistic. If we get to the end of July and we've sold 12 copies, then we'll pull the plug =/ Unfortunately, these games are way more expensive to make now than in the past.

  4. i pre-ordered yay :D

    I hope i did it right, i made a pay-pal -just- to get this game lol....

    1. Thank you for pre-ordering, we greatly appreciate it =3

      Once we've received payment, we'll send you a confirmation e-mail and then you're all set. Thank you again for your support =)