Saturday, June 24, 2017

Manzurna Peaks!

Hi everyone, Gachi Muchi Kun here.

Introducing another sneak peak and the title of our next game currently in development, Manzurna Peaks.

As you can see from the screen above there will be many new places to explore in this town. But for the time being we are withholding the names of the places as to not spoil too much.

There's also another hint in there (^w^)

We'll be updating more as we get closer to our demo launch in the comings weeks.

- Gachi Muchi Kun

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Some gaming loving cooking in our oven.

Greetings everyone,

First off apologies for not updating this thing in  quite some time. We wanted to wait until we had some actual positive news to post.

First off, (if you haven't guessed) we had to kill the  Man-Storm game, and for a couple of reasons.

First off, you guys in general didn't seem to dig it as much, especially the main character. It's cool, we get it. Not every idea is going to be a winner.

Secondly, the technology updates that we got with the new game engine did not work well with most people's computer. There was a new image map technology and while it was really cool and we on our end had no issues, when it got released out to larger world in general there were a ton of issues with people not getting the image overlay to work, especially with Windows 10. And quite a few we couldn't track down the source of the bug. Also, we were way too optimistic about screen resolutions that people could support and more than a few people had issues running the game on their setup.

Jesus, what's the good news, right?

Well, the good news is over the past two years we have been working on different game ideas. We had quite a few prototype demos that went nowhere or were "okay", but lacking that certain something. However, earlier this spring we started on a new game that has that certain "something" we really like. While we know it may not be everyone's taste, we do feel proud of it. Demo is basically done, we're just taking the time to fine tune and puff it up. We plan on dropping the demo on the 4th of July. Game should be finished in late fall or early winter.

What's it about? Well, let's just say we're going back to the country... To a new small town... With its own unique characters and stories... And flavor... We leave you this as first teaser of things to come.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Man-Storm begins! Our demo is done!

Hello everyone,

Gachi Muchi Kun here \(^o^)/

Our demo for Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might is done and ready to be played.

Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might is our new game and a loving parody to the 1980's cartoons and action figures a lot of us grew up with. A more innocent time when your morals came from a hulking, steroid addled man and his team of fellow hulking, steroid addled men and monsters in easy to digest 23 minute chunks.

Story: Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might was TV cartoon and action figure line that swept the world by storm in the early 1980's. Made by the Wowzo! toy company and it sold like hotcakes. It featured the hulking, ginger haired barbarian: Man-Storm. Who under the guidance of his father, King Hungdor, brought together the mightiest heroes to form something more powerful and stronger than a fellowship, or even a brotherhood... It was a Manhood, a Manhood of Might! Together you and the Manhood of Might protect the peaceful lands of Maleternialand from the evil Brutevil and his Massive Manfiends. Who plot at every chance to bring chaos and destruction to the good people of Maleternialand. They even managed to make King Hungdor disappear in an attempt to plunge Maleternialand into chaos. Only Man-Storm can save the day.

Our hero (you) is a massive Man-Storm fan, perhaps maybe shouldn't still be at his age, but we digress. Due to a mysterious circumstance, you find yourself swept out of your own world and awaken in the real world of Maleternialand and in the body of Man-Storm himself. Now you must play the role of Man-Storm, protecting the good citizens and dispensing the good values of truth, self confidence, friendship and other stuff. And also trying to get into the pants of a palace full of hot, virginal man studs.

Come feel the storm... Man-Storm and his Manhood of Might!

*Updated 10/2 to fix a few glitches and some grammar.

Please note some of our 2D interface graphics are still unfinished, so we apologize for some of the b/w art you may see.

Thanks everyone, and we hope you enjoy our game \(^o^)/

We have a handy dandy FAQ to introduce you to Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might.

Q: What do I need to run Man-Storm?
A: You will need a windows 7 or greater operating environment and a monitor that supports at least 1500 x 900 resolution in order to see the game. You will also need to change your language settings for "Non-unicode text" under control panel -> regions and languages -> Administrative. This option *must* be set to Japanese in order to run this game as we made it using a Japanese game development kit. See picture below for Win 7 reference:

Windows 8:

Q:  What type of game is Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might?
A: It is a point and click adventure game set up in an episodic format.

Q: Episodic? Really :|
A: Yeah, really. It's a win/win for both us on the dev side and you as the player. It's easier for us to make and speeds up development time. It also works more organically with the story format of cartoon episodes. It means you guys will ideally get games faster and we can build up a better world for you.

Q: Is there lots of sex in your game?
A: Not in the demo. Full game will have more sex.

Q: Why 3D? What happened to 2D graphics?
A: We love 2D, and would love to do more 2D graphics. Unfortunately, the reality is from a development stand point is just waaaaaay too time consuming and a burden to put on one artist. 3D graphics is faster to produce, easier to keep characters on model and allows the artist some downtime as rendering requires time and allows our artist to take a break.

Q: Are you taking pre-orders for this now that the demo is out?
A: No, not at the moment. When the 3d graphics and story is done for the final and we're in beta testing and waiting for final 2D art, then we will probably start pre-orders then. We want it to run more smoothly this time. Best case scenario maybe around the beginning of Decemeber.

Q: How much is it going to cost?
A: We hope to keep the games at the same $15 price point as the Meat Log Mountain games.

Q: I really liked the demo, what can I do to support or help you out?
A: Well, since we're all a little rusty or new to game development, let us know if you like the demo and the story and characters. Good feedback is helpful and appreciated :3

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Coming soon.

We're hoping to drop tomorrow night. Stay tuned for more details! In the meantime, enjoy a headshot of one of the Manhood of Might members. This time it's Tygrawr, heroic, battling Felinaman warrior.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might demo dropping this week.

Good news. We managed to finish beta-testing our game ahead of schedule and we're actually taking this time to add some extra story graphics to the game \(^o^)/

We're shooting for either a Thursday or Friday drop date. Some of our 2D interface graphics are not finished so we're waiting to see if we can get better versions before we drop the demo.

A few head's up. This game is built on a newer engine than what was used for Meat Log Mountain and Second Date. The big upside is the text kerning problem is fixed and it supports many new features like image maps for a better experience.

However, in order to run the game you will need to enable an extra setting in Windows under Region and Language. You will need to set Language for non-Unicode programs to Japanese. It will require a reboot. Basically, it tells windows if it receives non standard text encoding that it should treat it like it's Japanese.We've tested this with people using English and various European language copies of Windows 7 and Windows 8 and it has not affected their Windows use or interface. You can always turn it back English or whatever your native language is if a problem does arise. We're including a screenshot from Win7 so you can see where it's located.

Secondly, we aimed BIG this time. The game's resolution is 1500 x 900 and is designed to be played in a window on today's current crop of HD+ widescreen monitors. The game will upscale if you want it to, however, it cannot downscale. So, if your monitor has an older resolution of say 1280 x 1024 it will not display properly.

Game makes fulls use of music and sound effects too.

We'll have a more detailed FAQ once the demo drops.

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Will there be an Orc? Yes, there'll be an Orc!

And not just any orc... A Cybork!

Cybork, battling orc warrior with super strong arms of steel (and maybe other parts too). Fighting bravely alongside Man-Storm and the other Manhood of Might members. Brutevil and his Massive Manfiends will have nowhere to hide when they face the long arms of Cybork's law. Cybork, brought to you by your good friends at the Wowzo! toy company.

Some assembly required, figure shown with optional accessories. Other action figures and accessories shown not included. Each figure sold separately. Warning: Certain parts of Cybork may count as a choking hazard for people over 18 who are inexperienced.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Our demo drops next weekend!

Coming next week! Our first demo for Man-Storm and the Manhood of Might. Schlongs and Sorcery at its finest!

Bananah-Slammah is ready. Are you?