Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kupopo's Meat Log Mountain art up for Auction

Hey Everyone!

Gachi Muchi Kun here! And today I have a special announcement \(^o^)/

We are putting up all of Kupopo's original art from Meat Log Mountain up for auction.

Essentially everything all the magazine covers that Kupopo has done for the game are going up on auction.

There are different pieces and some pieces are in different mediums. In some cases we have two versions of the same piece, one in pencil and the other in ink. All artwork is signed and date by Kupopo.

*** Please note, all artwork is on standard printer copy paper. There is a tiny crease in the upper left-hand corner of all these pieces of artwork. This happened during shipping from Kupopo to us. If you placed it under a hardcover book you could more than likely smooth it out, but for full disclosure purposes we want to make you aware of it ***

As some of you may be aware, Kupopo does not take commissions and does not normally sell his artwork. This is a rare chance to get your hands on some of his original artwork :3

We're going to be putting these out in bits and pieces. The first ones going up tonight are for the original magazine covers from Meat Log Mountain 1. Mountain Gardening Monthly, LogJam Magazine, and Big Bear Hunter. Each of these pieces contain two sheets of art. One is the original pencil drawing, the second sheet is the original ink/crosshatching of the body hair for the character that Kupopo then layered onto the original drawing on the computer.

We have all the artwork that was seen in both games except the "Leather Demons" video artwork.

A couple of things to those interested in bidding. We are using Furbuy as the auction site for these auctions. Furbuy is free to set up an account at. Secondly, all auction winners will be required to show ID to verify that the buyer is over 18. There will be no exceptions. Finally, all auctions will run for one week.

We will ship Internationally, please be advised that we are not responsible for shipments seized by customs in your country. We would advise you before you bid to make sure that you are ok to receive this type of art in your country. Shipping charges will be calculated after the close of auction and be based on shipping location and your preferred method of shipping.

Big Bear Hunter Magazine

Mountain Gardening Monthly

LogJam Magazine

If you have any questions, e-mail us or post below.

We will be auctioning off more after this first lot closes :3

And if for some bizarre reason you want to purchase the entire lot of his artwork, please e-mail us to discuss. Obviously, if these auctions close beforehand we won't be able to include it in the lot we sell to you ^^;

Thanks and happy bidding :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Durk Wallpaper ~

Hey Guys.

Gachi Muchi Kun here.

First things, T-shirts are go. We hit our minimum we needed to order the shirts and paint. We do ask if you're interested in the t-shirts to place and pay for an order this weekend. We're going to order the supplies this weekend, but if you're interested in buying a shirt sometime soon it would be helpful to know so we can order more shirts :3

Otherwise we'll have to wait to pool some more money together to do another shirt order ^^;

In other news... As had been previously requested. We have some wallpaper of Durk. Grisser whipped up some wallpaper of Durk :3

You can download the rar file from by Clicking Here!

Wallpaper comes in 4 Handy sizes:
1280 x 720
1280 x 800
1920 x 1080
1920 x 1200

We hope you enjoy them, and we hope to make new ones for the other characters soon :3

Thanks, everyone!

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Second Date Patch

**updated. Okay, we found out what it is. If you are having trouble updating the game and get a window of gobbledygook, you need to temporarily go under "Languages and Regional Setting" then under either the "Advanced" (XP) or "Administrative" tab (Vista/7) change the part where it says "Language for non-Unicode programs" to Japanese (Japan).

You will require a reboot. This will not affect any of your settings besides when your computer tries to run a program like our installer which is Japanese language based. Windows will still be in your native language. You can turn it back to what it was before after you're done updating the game.

Sorry about this. We know this is a bit of a headache, but it's the only way we can update your game :S If you're on a non-Windows PC and are are unable to change this setting just let us know and we can find a solution for you. Special thanks to Gryphbear for being our labrat :3 **

Hi guys.

As promised (albeit a day late) our bug patch for Second Date - Preorder copies.

You can download the rar from here:
Click here.

Please be advised that when you run this on a Windows 7 PC that Windows' security will ask you if you want to allow the program to run. Please click "yes", though we always recommend that people virus check everything, even from us, for their own safety before running it ^^

The updater is partially in Japanese. We couldn't override it, so we'll walk you through it here. It's pretty simple :3

Pic 1 shows the screen you'll be presented with when you run the program.
Just find the directory where your Second Date files are and then click the middle button "次へ(N)"

Pic 2 is asking you to confirm you have the right directory. If you're good then click the middle button marked "インストール", if you made a mistake then click the first button marked "戻る" to go back and choose the correct directory.

The game will update itself, depending on how fast your cpu is it could take a few minutes.

Pic 3 is what you'll see after it's done updating. Click the only button marked "閉じる" to exit. And you are all done.

It's pretty simple. We've tested it multiple times to makes sure it's compatible and you shouldn't have any issues. We do recommend you backup your copy of Second Date before you update. Just to be safe :3

Please note: This patch/update DOES NOT contain any personal or private information in it. Also it should only be used if you have a pre-order copy of Second Date. This update will eventually brick your game at some point if you don't have the pre-order version.

If for some reason your regular copy (non-preorder) of Second Date has a bug in it, please let us know so we can give you an updated version.

If you have any questions, just leave a comment and we'll be happy to answer them :3

Thanks everyone!

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just some updates on stuff

Hey Guys!

Gachi Muchi Kun here!

Just putting up some updates on stuff.

- Bug patch for MLM - Second Date is set to go out tomorrow. Please note this bug patch is for those who have pre-orders copies ONLY! Regular copies should be working fine. Please do not implement this bug patch if you have a non-preorder copy as it will brick your game at some point due to missing graphics that are not in your version. That and you guys already have the most recent copies of the game.

- T-shirts are still in pre-orders. We are insanely close to hitting the minimum we need. If you are interested please pre-order AND pay before next Friday the 18th :3 We need to do the pre-order minimums to ensure we have enough funds to buy all the paints and t-shirts we need to get this started. If we don't make the minimum we need we'll refund your money. Thank you very kindly to all that have pre-ordered. We greatly appreciate it.

T-shirts are 100% cotton Hanes tagless t-shirts. Hi-quality stuff. We're paying a bit more for them, but they're nice stuff. No cheap polyester or no-name brands :3

That's about it on our end.

If you haven't ordered MLM 1, Oni's Dice, Second Date or a T-shirt and you would like to, you easily can:

All order forms should be sent to GachiMuchiChan[at]

1.) Which game(s) you would like to purchase or t-shirt design(s) plus sizes
2.) Your full legal name
3.) Your paypal e-mail address (if you would like the game sent to a different e-mail address, please specify that here as well. We ship to your paypal e-mail address by default)
4.) FA/Y!Gallery name (if applicable)
5.) For shirts, if you need them sent to a different shipping address them on the paypal account, please notify us here.
6.) Please copy and paste the following filled out the age statement:

"I, (insert your full legal name here), certify that I am over 18 years of
age or of legal age in my community; and it's legal for me view this
material in my community or jurisdiction. I agree that I wish to
view this game and material, and this material is for my own private enjoyment, and will not be shown or displayed to minors. Furthermore, I agree not to hold the
creators of this game legally liable for any problems that may arise with
use of this game."

We will send you payment instructions upon receipt of your e-mail.
Meat Log Mountain 1 is $15 USD
Meat Log Mountain - Second Date is $15 USD
Oni's Dice is $5 USD
T-shirts are $20 USD each, $23.25 each for 2XL and 3XL sizes.

Demos can be found by clicking on the Demo tag under the "Quick Index of Game Posts" box on the right.

All games are for Windows XP and up. We recommend you try our demos first before placing an order to ensure the game plays on your PC :3 Games will play on other OS's with Windows emulators, but we strongly recommend you try the demos out on them as we can not provide tech support for Mac/Linux users.

And as always, are games are for ADULTS ONLY. You must be legal age of majority in your state or country of residence to order our games and play our demos :3

Thanks as always everyone for your support :3
We greatly appreciate it.

To our Japanese customers: 頑張って日本。大変な津波が起これましたけど日本人は凄く強い人です。

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A question for our Mac users.

Hey guys!

Gachi Muchi Kun here!

Question for our Mac users who are playing our games using emulators. How exactly do you folks configure them to run?

None of us on the team use Macs so we're unfortunately not able to offer any assistance to Mac users who are interested in our game. We know there's more than a handful of you who play our games on Macs using emulators like Wine and CrossOver to get the games to run.

Would any of you kind souls be willing to elaborate in the comment section how you get the games to run under the emulator you're using?

The team and our Mac using friends would be very grateful to know your secrets and tips ^^;

Thanks everyone.

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Saturday, March 5, 2011

T-Shirts :D

Hey everyone!

Gachi Muchi Kun here.

After many requests for related merchandise, we are pleased to announce our first ever Meat Log Mountain goods. Which we are currently offering ONLY to buyers of our games (This is an initial test run, keep reading this post for more info)

Grisser has designed these incredibly awesome Meat Log Mountain themed t-shirts.
All tastefully made with a wink and grin to our beloved town :3

We have the Meat Log Mountain Medical Center, the Meat Log Mountain Post and Parcel (like the design on Mr. Kytenz uniform) and you can be part of Meat Dudes Mania with your own Meat Dudes logo shirt ^^

All shirts are hand screened by Grisser onto 100% Cotton Haynes' T-shirts. If you've seen or bought one of his other t-shirts, you know the quality you will be receiving :3

We are selling them for $20 USD which comes with free shipping within the US ^^ International orders will be quoted shipping costs before payment is sent ^^
Also, 2XL and 3XL are $23.25. Sorry, they charge us a few dollars more for those sizes :<

*** Currently, we are trying to raise the costs to buy the paints and t-shirts to make these. So, we're taking pre-orders. We need to only sell 10 t-shirts to raise the money to buy the initial amount of paint and order of t-shirts Grisser needs to start making these. We are going to be doing this as a test run only for buyers of our games :3

All money will be held until the end of next, next week (March 18th). If we raise enough pre-orders by then or before then, we'll let all buyers now and we'll start ordering the supplies to make them. If we don't raise enough money by March 18th, we'll refund the money to our buyers ^^ **

Order/Pre-ordering is easy ^^

Just send us an e-mail to gachimuchichan[at] with the following order form filled out:

1.) For t-shirts, please specify which design(s) you would like (Medical Center, Post and Parcel or Meat Dudes) along with quantity for each design if you're ordering more than one
2.) Your desired shirt size (Please be advised that these are American sizes. They may vary differently from your country, especially Asia.)
2.) Your full legal name
3.) Your paypal e-mail address
4.) Your FA or Y! gallery name if applicable.
5.) Your shipping address for your t-shirt(s) IF different from the address listed on your PayPal.

T-shirts are $20 USD ($23.25 for 2XL and 3XL sizes). T-shirts include free shipping in the US. International orders will be quoted shipping costs prior to sending payment.

If we have enough interest we'll expand the t-shirt designs to other places within Meat Log Mountain :3 But for right now we're keeping it small to see if there's any interest.

Thanks as always for your interest and support :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Friday, March 4, 2011

Bug Patch

Hey guys!

Gachi Muchi Kun here.

We're prepping up our first (and hopefully only) bug patch.

If you found a bug while playing the game and haven't reported it, we kindly ask that you do. We've put together and fixed up all the ones that have been reported, but we're looking to see if there's any we've missed.

Just shoot us an e-mail and let us know what you found ^^

Thanks everyone!

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun