Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Winner is you!

Hi Guys! We're late as always D:

We are happy to announce the winners of our Fan-Art contest!

And since we only had a handful of entries it made it really easy... Everyone who submitted fan-art won! We had enough categories to cover every entry, so everyone won :3

We were really amazed at the quality and the ideas that everybody submitted :3

But in the end, there could only be one Grand Prize Winner...

And we decided the person who really nailed it the best was SSJVegeta83 :3

Congratulations, SSJVegeta83. Your depiction of Demonos letting out some aggression with a wrestling match with Dr. Cub and Leche Luchador action figures just seemed so much like something Demonos would do ^^

For our Color-A-Cock contest, the winner was Blathering Bear. Who made a wonderful image of Mr. Cooper's cock that was quite a "big cock"
You can check it out HERE

All winners get their choice of a free MLM T-shirt.

Our Grand Prize Winner gets his choice of either the Meat Log Mountain Sausage Swallowing Champion or Mr. Kytenz T-shirt.

All winners please contact us at our e-mail address for further instructions!

Thanks everyone who submitted an entry :3 We greatly appreciated all the effort you put into them.

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Winners announced tomorrow

Hi gang.

We have picked our winners tonight, but we will be announcing them tomorrow. Afraid everyone on the team is crunching on a huge project that's time sensitive ^^;

So stay tuned for tomorrow night when we'll announce all our winners :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some Last Bits of Fan-Art. Last day to get them in!

Hey everyone! Gachi Muchi Kun here!

Last day and last call for fan-art entries in our contest :D

If you haven't submitted anything, but still want to, there are a few hours left D:

This time we have KidNova from Y!Gallery, who sports some major points for going with a character no one else thought of, the Leche Luchador. Because as we all know "It takes a man in a mask to unmask the true potential of your baked goods!"

And we also have ArtDecade, who is showing us a rare side of Durk. The apparently "friendly drunk" version of Durk. I'm sure he'll get exactly what he's asking for soon enough ;3

Thanks again to KidNova and ArtDecade for submitting these wonderful pieces :3

There's still time folks, and still time to enter for your chance to win a free t-shirt.

We look forward to see what everyone comes up with :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tomorrow is the last day for submissions

Just one more day left to submit your entries for our fanart contest D:

And we have two more entries sent to us.

The first one is by Beachfox and depicts Dr. Cub taking on an epidemic of ass biters. Normally, we'd just blame Kurt, but it looks like Kurt has fallen victim to it as well.

Next up we have a submission from Shirobear depicting some of the guys enjoying a relaxing moment at the onsen. Though it does raise the question... If that's Mr. Cooper's cock in the foreground... Then whose cock is that in the back D:

Thank you both for your entries in our contest :3

If you haven't submitted one, there's still time left to enter. All entries must be submitted by Midnight on Saturday the 9th, Pacific Standard Time.
Send your entries to Gachimuchichan[at]

Give it a shot, go for the glory, win a free t-shirt!

Thanks everyone :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Fan Art

Hey everyone! It's Gachi Muchi Kun.

This is our last week for fanart submission for our fanart contest :3

All entries need to be in by this Saturday the 9th

Here are two more entries, kindly submitted by our fans.

The first one we have is here by Zill, and depicts... Well, let's just say Mr. Cooper should probably play less Zelda o_o

And our second submission is from GS, and depicts Mr. Kytenz performing his other job, Foreskin Inspector. We hope Kurt passes his exam ;-)

Thank you both very kindly for your entries into our contest :3

Come and join the fun, and submit some fan art of your favorite Meat Log Mountains characters for a chance to win some of our silk screened T-shirts.

More info and rules can be found HERE

And many thanks to those who have entered :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun

Sunday, July 3, 2011

More Fan Art

Hey Guys, Gachi Muchi Kun here.

Just a reminder that our Fan Art competition ends next Friday the 9th. You still have time to get your submissions in :3 We haven't had a lot of entries so there's still plenty of chances to win :3

Here is another fan art submission from Silvermoonwolf. This time of Kurt, everyone's favorite towel boy.

We hope to see your entries too :3

- Team Gachi Muchi Kun